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A structured settlement is an obvious asset for the person receiving it, but it can also cause frustration and stress when the recipient needs more money than the settlement pays out each month. Also, by paying out only smaller amounts at a time, it's difficult to turn a structured settlement into any type of long term investment. What was intended to be a reward or compensation for someone's pain and suffering is nothing more than standard monthly income.

When someone is awarded a cash settlement, it is usually because they have been mistreated or wronged in some way. The settlement is intended to make up for something lost or for the pain and suffering it caused them. What many people don't realize is that they probably won't receive a lump sum settlement. Typically, the amount of the settlement is paid out over the course of many, many years in the form of a smaller monthly check. Find out how to access your cash from structured settlement payments.

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The case study below is a hypothetical example of a customer experience, and is only intended for illustration purposes.

Recently, a young man named Peyton received a structured settlement and then applied for a home loan without a down payment. Peyton has never owned a home so he was hoping to take advantage of a first time home buyer down payment assistance program. His credit score was right around the 600 mark, yet Peyton was still unable to secure a loan in the amount he would need to purchase the home he had in mind. He was determined to own this particular home by any means necessary. His parents offered to loan him enough to cover the down payment, but that would eat up their entire life savings.

Besides, Peyton just didn't think it would be right to borrow money from anyone when he had a very large settlement at his disposal. By selling his structured settlement payments for a lump sum immediate payment, he was able to go back to the bank with a down payment that more than doubled what they would require in order to loan him the remainder of the money. As a bonus, since his down payment was so large, Peyton was also able to keep his monthly mortgage commitment low. He is confident that he used the settlement money in the best way possible.

When making the decision to sell a structured settlement payment obligation, it's important to keep in mind that you are not required to sell the whole settlement. It is possible to sell a portion of the settlement and to continue receiving monthly payments for the rest. For those who are unable to work, this option would allow them to come up with a down payment on the home without taking away the money they depend on each month to cover expenses.

Choosing to sell structured settlement payments in order to purchase a home is an opportunity many people will never have. It makes it possible to stop living paycheck to paycheck and saving up money for a home will no longer be a struggle, since the home is already owned. It's a great opportunity to get a head start on living the American Dream. Find out how to free up your money today.

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