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Top Reasons To Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

A structured settlement is when damages are paid in regularly scheduled installments rather than as a lump sum. Being awarded a structured settlement for wrongful death, product liability, personal injury, or medical malpractice can sometimes be a great windfall. The only permanent factor of life, however, is change, and so people often have the need to sell structured settlement payments.

The choice to sell structured settlement payments is always in the hands of the plaintiff. It is possible to sell several years of payments, while retaining the remainder to support your family in the future and this is an avenue commonly chosen.

Thousands of people sell structured settlement payments every month in order to pay debts such as credit cards, a mortgage, or medical bills. If your debt is high interest, you may save thousands of dollars can be saved by getting cash now to pay that debt. If a plaintiff receives a letter threatening foreclosure of their home after failing to make mortgage payments, this becomes a highly necessary option. We are here to help.

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You may require a large amount of money now, for surgery, bills, or purchasing a car. Owning an automobile ensures that you will not depend on family, friends, or public transportation to travel to work or attend medical check-ups, so selling in this case can be a wise investment decision. It may be necessary to make large purchases in cash if you have a poor credit record and are unable to borrow money.

The money from the sale of a structured settlement payment stream can also be used to pay for education, which may obviate the need for a student loan.

A plaintiff may also wish to open a business or make a time sensitive investment.

It may also be wise to sell structured settlement payments if a plaintiff wishes to transfer their wealth to their children or give money to charity.

The most basic reason for selling a structured settlement payment is that it allows a person to gain control of their money sooner.

The transfer of structured settlement payments must be approved by a judge, who must find the sale to be in the sellerís best interest. In a recent customer survey, nearly 75 percent of respondents said that the proceeds of the sale allowed them to address their specific need, so selling structured settlement payments is likely to be a prudent move. It is possible to access your money now.

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